Here are some definitions for terms used in my stories/posts.

Ansaradani’s Energy Healing Definitions/Terms

Acu-Point Balancing: A healing modality that releases blocked, clogged, congested, or disrupted energy-meridian points in the body/mind system.

Aka-Cord: An etheric negative tie-line attaching an individual to a person, place, thing, or condition and eventually resulting in an individual’s loss of health and personal power. (Your personal power is being taken from you due to an energy-drain.)

Anchor-Pins: is an etheric-line attaching an individual to a place, another person, to a thing or to a condition that literally “anchor” the individual in time and space. It may be attached to a former home, a job, a spouse, a city, vehicle, etc. An anchor-pin inhibits movement and flow.

Causal-Loop Therapy: A causal-loop is the memory feedback of a stored negative core-belief contained between two (or more) points (chakras, nadi’s) in the body’s energy system. Too many negative beliefs tapping into an organ or meridian will create a toxic overload resulting in a shutdown and manifesting   dis-ease. (It’s similar to plugging many cords into an electrical outlet.)

Cellular Integration: restores the bio-plasmic integrity of the cell walls via energy-transference and clears etheric toxic/debris due to chemicals, computers, medications, genetically modified organism (GMO) foods, radiation, chemotherapy, etc.

Chromo-Therapy: assists in balancing and integrating the subtle/etheric bodies through “bathing” the aura by means of color-gels applied via a light-source.

Convergence Point (or Nexus Convergence): A Convergence is similar to a Nexus but with a concentrated form of unfinished soul-lessons. This has the effect of creating a distortion anywhere upon the physical body and manifests a weak-point or dis-ease. (This simply means that you have brought multiple/unfinished soul-lessons into this incarnation.)

Encapsulated Energy-Crystal (or Negative Encapsulated Energy-Crystal): contains stored memories of pain-filled events from one’s past (including current) incarnations. These crystals will continue to “emit” an individual’s stored negative-memories with the same intensity as its inception (beginning). All energy-crystals include genetic and ancestral memories.

Energy-Drain: An energy drain in the body/mind system is created by continual emotional and/or mental stress, for instance: fears, anger, hurt, sadness, an accident, feeling victimized, etc. A habitual or chronic-drain eventually manifests disease, and/or draws negative conditions into the individual’s life.

Energy Translator: An Energy Translator is one who can change the form, condition, or nature of energy.

Etheric-Grid Restoration: Any removal of an organ or limb will retain a “residual memory” within the body/mind system. This creates a distortion in the etheric blueprint of the physical self, resulting in a chronic pain-syndrome. Restoring the original etheric grid of the removed portion releases the trauma/pain and returns balance, harmony, and structural integrity to the mind/body system again.

Etheric Surgery: The extraction and removal of negative, encapsulated energy-crystals “stored” within the layers/levels of one’s chakras and aura.

Miasm: I see it as a “miniaturized you” created from this/current or past lifetime which holds the mental and emotional ‘pain’ that was experienced in those lives. A miasm “stores” old negative patterns of beliefs, memories, and habits influencing the individual to ‘keep-repeating’ the same old pattern (soul-lesson) and hoping for a different result.

Nexus: A Nexus is the converging of three or more unfinished soul-lessons on the etheric/layers of which is creating a distortion upon the physical body (anywhere) and allowing the germination of a genetic-weakness, illness, accident-prone, addictive behavioral-patterns, etc. to become embedded.

Neuropulsing: releases and transforms negative limiting beliefs held within the genetic-codes of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of the self. This “pulsing” (also known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique created by Gary Craig) reaches into all Time/Space/Dimensions. Very powerful!

Soul Retrieval: Is the returning of all missing soul-aspects from past incarnations. This retrieval is accessed within the seven layers of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of the body/mind system.

Trans-Dimensional Alignment (or Trans-Alignment): A Fifth Dimensional healing modality recently accessed within Ansara’dani’s cellular memories. The Trans-Dimensional Alignment process will assist all negative-crystals to release and evolve to its next level. This includes any and all forms of negative habits, including beliefs. The use of essential oils is required for optimal results.

Quantum Healing: All Fifth Dimensional healing modalities including: Trans-Dimensional Alignment, Neuro-Pulsing, Soul-Retrieval, Anchor-Pins, Sound Modulation, Etheric Grid Restoration, Chromo-Therapy, Aromatherapy, Causal Loop therapy, Tri-Lateral Alignment, and Nadi Oil Blends.