Etheric-Grid Restoration

As I gaze out upon this beautiful land of Oregon, I remember one of the most memorable and enjoyable sessions I had with a gifted Hawaiian storyteller. This is how the story begins…

*Nora, the wife of the famous storyteller, called me one day and asked me:

 “Is there anything you can do for my husband’s chronic pain that runs down both his upper and lower arms all day and night?  He says that it feels like a ‘cramping sensation’ 24 hours a day, and is unable to sleep or rest comfortably due to this. His doctors call it ‘phantom pain syndrome’ due to the loss of several fingers on both hands.”

I set a session in the late summer afternoon as Nora’s husband (I shall call him *Kane) was overwhelmingly challenged with many health conditions. As Kane slowly moved into the healing room, we both gazed at each other and smiled at the same time, recognizing each other’s soul from another time and place.

I described my etheric-grid restoration (EGR) work in detail and he expressed both joy and excitement. As I spoke to Kane, I continued to observe the energy movements of muscles upon both arms in a continuous loop, like cramping muscles—going repeatedly in a continual pattern. He was in immense pain and I began to weep due to empathizing with, and feeling his pain. I felt such waves of strength and courage within this gentle, warm and loving being. As Kane softly gazed into my eyes, he told me, “Don’t cry for me, aunty. I love who I am and at peace where I am.” (Hawaiians call an older woman “aunty” out of respect.)

As I began to reconstruct the etheric-grid over each finger, wonder and delight appeared on his face while his tears fell down his gentle features: “For the first time in many years, I don’t feel any pain running down my arms.” We both laughed and smiled at each other with this wonderful miracle of healing.  I was so humbled and in awe of this gifted-being who displayed such courage and strength while sending me waves of love from his very soul. A truly unique experience in my journey of awakening to truth and light. I will never forget him and the gift that I received from him on that day.

For those reading this story and who may not be familiar with the term etheric-grid restoration (EGR), this is my definition:

Any removal of an organ or limb will retain a “residual memory” within the body/mind system. This creates a discordant frequency (I call it a miasm) on the Etheric Blueprint of the physical body resulting in so-called “chronic pain syndrome.” Restoring the original etheric-grid of the “removed limb/organ” releases the trauma/pain and restores balance, harmony and structural integrity to the entire system again.

I recall another interesting story about EGR with a mature Japanese woman who came to a healing session one day, and was experiencing constant side effects from a mastectomy done a year ago. She said:

“I have trouble sleeping and the surgical-site continues to “weep” despite my doctors best efforts to dry it using antibiotics or everything else.”

Using high-sense perception, I immediately discovered the cause of the drainage.  An “energy imprint” or a “recorded message” was left on the surgical-site. Her surgeon had callously imprinted a mental message while surgically removing the breast. The message stated,”It’s no loss! It’s so small anyway!”

I gently cleansed and removed the negative energy-imprint, then performed an EGR. After the healing session, she awoke feeling very light and refreshed. She smiled and said, “I can feel it there again, my breast—but I know it’s gone—and there’s no pain or discomfort now.” Yes, as I surmised, her perfect divine blueprint needed help to be restored.

*Names changed for privacy.

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