Color Me Red

It began on a warm and sunny afternoon. I was teaching a class on Chromo-therapy when I heard an urgent-sounding knock on the door. Upon opening the door, I was surprised to see *Donna who appeared to be having a physical issue as she was holding her stomach area with both hands. “How interesting,” I thought to myself, “That Donna would appear just at the moment that I needed someone on which to demonstrate the color-therapy process.”

I asked Donna, “What is the problem?” She hesitantly said, “Can you help me with this painful condition I’m having. I made an appointment with a Colonic Therapist for this afternoon but I was wondering if you could help me with an energy treatment instead? I’ve been unable to use the bathroom for over one week.” I replied, “Sure why not,” as I gently sat her down. I had been teaching the students in the use of a pendulum to find which gel-color is appropriate for a given negative condition.

Using high sense perception I observed that her colon was frozen due to stress, lack of exercising, and water. I found the missing frequencies that her large intestines required and slowly began the color application. After 20 minutes Donna’s facial feature’s relaxed, the pain was gone and she felt no nausea. She decided to cancel the appointment with the colonic therapist and felt a strong need to return home. Later that evening I received a phone-call from Donna and this is what she said:

“I’ve just spent over two-hours in my bathroom just pooping and heaving at the same time. (Laughing) I had to open the window and the bathroom door to release the ‘toxic’ smell.” I could only say “Yikes,” as I laughed along with her.

Yes, it was a truly amazing demonstration of how powerful a chromo-therapy session can be. I have used it throughout my entire healing practice and am always amazed at the positive shifts it creates within the physical body.

*Name changed for privacy.

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