The Shadow Kingdom, Part II: Journey into the Shadows

After I placed the Guardians of the Eight Directions around the healing room, I gratefully asked for and received *Tessa’s Higher-Self for guidance. To my surprise, I was given permission to enter into the astral level of her Heart-Chakra and retrieve the missing part of Tessa’s soul. I was firmly cautioned to “Remain and do not deviate from the path!” I surrendered into my Spirit, and surrounding myself within a strong bubble of white-light, began this uncharted journey into the Shadow Kingdom.

I asked my assistant to “hold open” the entrance point so that I would be able to return the same way. As I entered into the shadow world, the atmosphere appeared surreal, an inky blackness with the only source of light the vermilion-red lightning bolts filling the sky. “A desolate place,” I thought. I gazed back at the doorway as I walked on the path and sensed that only a few minutes remained to find and return Tessa back into our world. I followed her energy-imprints that led to a cliff (similar to the Earth realm and the site of the accident) where she sat gazing out into the black sky filled with eerie red-lightning bolts.

Suddenly I heard skittering noises on both sides of the pathway and observed black-shadow skeletal beings moving alongside of me. I reached the cliff and called out, “You don’t belong here in this realm Tessa! Return home with me.” She appeared dazed and unaware of her surroundings. Again, gazing back at the doorway, I noticed it shrinking at an alarming pace. I suddenly reached out, grabbed Tessa’s hand, and began pulling her toward the doorway while the black shadows grew closer to the path.

I jumped through the doorway just as it shrank into nothingness. It was very rewarding to have returned with Tessa, and I lovingly held her as she inhaled deeply and began to sob. Wonderingly, I observed as Tessa’s jaw began to re-align itself and her spine began to balance and re-set itself. While she sobbed and shook with the releasing of pent-up emotions, her formerly missing aspect re-integrated back into her soul. Tessa’s mother ran over to hug her daughter with tears flowing down her face. Later that evening, Tessa was actually laughing and dancing with her grandfather.

This unique case made me completely exhausted for twenty-four hours. I made a promise to myself not to do it again, but I did—two more cases of women who were in a coma and I retrieved them back into this world. This story happened over twenty years ago and I have found that the Trans-Dimensional Alignment is easier and much more effortless than encounters in the Shadow Kingdom! To date, Tessa has completely recovered, and is now exploring her own spiritual gifts and abilities.

*Name changed for privacy.

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  1. Erin says:

    Great article. Very intriguing. Your work is very fascinating.

  2. Toni says:

    Great article! Love it.

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