A Story: Balancing Connections

stones-944149_640She woke up one morning with a strong feeling to organize her desk. *Isabel had papers strewn about and realized it created a lack of focus, so she decided to do some “tapping” on it. She began with the following phrase:

“Even though I’m so reluctant to organize my desk, I love and accept who I am.”

She noted the phrase at a “7” on her internal scale and so she began tapping on the side of her palm until she reached a “4.” However, another energy suddenly arrived and Isabel became very agitated and upset as the altered phrase of “I miss him so much!” appeared into her awareness.

At this point, she became puzzled as she had been tapping and clearing herself for months concerning her husband’s transition six months ago. Isabel continued to tap and focused on the first phrase “being unable to organize my desk” until she reached a calm “zero.” Then she centered herself and asked her Higher Self, “Am I still connected to my husband *Karl?” The answer was “yes.” Then she asked whether the connection was on his part and the answer was “no.” The instant answer to her next question revealed that Isabel was connected to Karl through her inner belief-system held within four physical-points on her body, along with one spiritual point.

heart-860700_640The first belief was held within her Heart. Four major systems within the human body are the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. Isabel had cleared the latter three but evidently, the physical heart and body needed a healing as well. She performed the “calling back” of her vibrations and frequencies related to her beliefs to Karl and instantly felt the lightening-up of her chest and heart area.

The Solar Plexus held her second belief. Isabel wondered why she was having problems with focusing and centering as the Solar Plexus is one’s point-of-power in the physical realm. As soon as she balanced this area, she felt very grounded and relaxed.

Isabel held the third belief within her Root Chakra, the energy-point where one connects to family, friends, relatives, and mates and gives one the sense of belonging. As soon as she balanced this point, she felt grounded into Earth and not so scattered and unfocused since the death of her soul mate.

The fourth belief was held within her tailbone, which she found interesting. Isabel had been working with the coccyx area for a long while. After she balanced this area, she felt a releasing of stuck-energy and the chronic throbbing of congestion in this area ceased for her.

heart-669380_640The fifth and last point centered above Isabel’s Crown Chakra and toward the left side of her body. This chakra is called the Feminine Galactic Chakra and connects one to the universal energies surrounding the female within each of us, whether a male or female person. This point is the Yin pattern contained with one’s Perfect Divine Blueprint. The balancing of this chakra grounded Isabel’s Feminine energy into Mother Earth and connected her to all feminine energies upon the Earth. She felt lighter and a huge area of her heart center uplifted and opened.

* Names changed for privacy.

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