The Ties That Bind

thistle-176201_640On a late spring morning, a young woman named *Bren drove her elderly mother to a healing session with me. Upon entering the room, I noticed Bren’s mom in a deep depression and apathy. Bren spoke very softly about her mother’s dilemma.

“My dad died about a year ago,” Bren said, “and since then my mom has slowly declined in health, awareness, and life. She has been experiencing chronic stomach problems, high blood-pressure and depression.”

I gained permission from *Mrs. Y to perform a scan of her auric-fields. I discovered the sudden death of her beloved husband after a 45-year marriage had “torn” the etheric-cord conjoining their long marriage. This tear in the cord created an etheric bleed-out from her Sacral-Chakra.

love-928567_640I explained how a person who is in a relationship develops an energy-cord through a Chakra, which is a natural process especially in love and marriage relationships. If the energy cord suddenly separates due to trauma or death, then the chakra begins to emit etheric-energy. If not immediately rectified, the discharging energy will develop into a dis-ease or manifest adverse mental and emotional conditions.

I set the Guardians around the healing room, entered into the Temple of Light and then began my journey. I moved back in “time” to retrieve Mrs. Y’s etheric-cord before it severed and while still attached to her husband. At the moment of Mr. Y’s death, I gently removed the cord and returned it intact to Mrs. Y’s Sacral Chakra as this is where she had placed the cord on her marriage day.

I then proceeded to clear the mental and emotional bodies of shock, sadness, grief and pain, which restored the Sacral Chakra back into its pristine state. Mrs. Y, who had been weeping through the entire session, slowly opened her eyes and replied, “I feel okay again. Nothing’s missing.” Her words indicated that the retrieval was a success. Bren was so very happy and about a month later called me to say, “My mom is a different person now, more relaxed, and enjoying life again with her family and friends.”

time-425818_640For the individuals who are asking – “How did Ansara journey into the past?” – Here is my answer. I did it by the Way, the Word, and the Will—or belieffocus, and intent. It is similar to a meditation. I enclose my soul-light into a bubble of white-light and set the intent to travel into “time.”

So until next time…safe journeying.

*Names changed for privacy.

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