Broken Grass, Green Limbs

I suddenly heard loud weeping and in walked *Manni with the neighbor’s daughter, who began explaining that Manni had fallen off a swing and broken her left arm. As it was a clean break, the fracture healed quickly and in less than three weeks Manni’s cast was removed. It also helped that daily applications of healing energy and light-therapy quickened the healing process.

About one year later, as I was working in the healing room, Manni walked into the house but this time holding her right arm. According to the story from a cousin who saw the entire sequence, Manni had been “monkeying” at the extreme top of a swing-set when she fell. So again, I used healing energy to balance and align her arm’s etheric-grid while the Emergency room doctor set the arm in a cast. The arm healed very quickly with minimal amount of pain or discomfort.

So here is where the story becomes uniquely interesting.

About one year later, I began to receive a packet-of-information from my guides on a healing process called Acu-point Balancing. I was attempting to teach Manni (a precocious child at the time) about the newest healing procedure while she stood fidgeting and fussing. “Why don’t we try this newest healing procedure on your arms?” I suggested. She appeared to think about it for a moment then said “Okay.” So the next thing that happened was laughingly unusual.

Placing two left-fingers on one of Manni’s Chakra’s as directed by the guides, I then placed my two right-fingers on the former broken left-arm for a time and then repeated the procedure on her right-arm. As Manni began to fidget, saying that she felt intense heat at the area, she suddenly belched, and the strong scent of green-grass emanated from her mouth. Her eyes grew wide-open and she suddenly yelled, “I’ve got to go to the bathroom!”

As she ran upstairs to the bathroom, I continued to inhale the strong scent of fresh-cut grass. About five minutes later, Manni returned with a puzzled look on her face and said, “Grandma, my ‘poop’ was all green and smelled like grass!” We stared at each other for a few seconds then began giggling and laughing. Manni then explained when she had fallen (on both occasions) that at the instant of her arm breaking she had inhaled the strong scent of grass.

According to the guides, Acu-point Balancing assists in the releasing of residual-energies imprinted at the instant of an impact (fractures, twisted ankle, a knee or elbow injury, etc.). This residual-energy—if not removed immediately—leaves a vibrational energy-signature and thus sets the stage for future discomfort and chronic pain. It’s like stubbing one’s same toe over and over.

Since then I have applied the Acu-Point Balancing on many individuals with excellent results. And until today, twenty-three years later, Manni hasn’t experienced any discomfort, twinges or otherwise on both arms. It’s as though it never happened from the total erasure of the experiences from her bone-frequency.

Yes, Acu-Point Balancing is another unique healing modality. And so until we meet again with another story, may you have a wonderful day filled with sunlight and rainbows.

*Name changed for privacy.

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