The Trans-Alignment Process

Aloha again! During my time as an Energy Translator, I have experienced the use of fifteen healing modalities. The very first one that I used was Basic Balancing-and-Aligning of The Seven Chakras. However, the most fascinating (and one of my favorites) is called Trans-Dimensional Alignment of the Physical Body. The Trans-Alignment is a 5th Dimensional healing-modality (recently) accessed within my cellular memories. So begins the sharing of my remarkable journey with you.

dead-zone at knee

Dead-zone at Knee

The Trans-Alignment healing modality is a process that involves the un-layering of seven levels: physical, emotional, mental, astral, causal, past-life/Earth, and past-life/Universe. Here is a case in point: a young man, 25 year old, had injured his knee during a wrestling match in high school. Over the years, it became a chronic condition and his doctors kept suggesting surgery. It was affecting his work performance and daily life. Observing his knee, I found a Nexus, which is a convergence point, from eleven past lifetimes. This Nexus had manifested a “dead-zone” at his kneecap.

It actually looked (to me) like a mini black hole. No wonder he was experiencing constant pain! This dead-zone indicated many lifetimes of having blunt-force trauma at this point such as bludgeoning, an arrow, spear-thrust, bullets, broken by a fall, hacking-off and more. This is usually indicative of the life of a warrior.

I found this knee information by using high-sense perception via the Higher Self, and my inner guides. A pendulum or kinesiology works just as well. As I was born with a caul over my face, I am able to vision past, present, and future events of a soul. I’m also sometimes granted permission to read his/her Akasha.

The finding of multiple lifetimes in one’s chart on an identical physical-condition will be the “marker” as to whether an individual has a trans-dimensional Nexus or Convergence point. A Nexus is the converging of three or more etheric/layers of which creates a distortion upon the physical body (anywhere) and allowing the germination of a genetic-weakness, illness, accident-prone, addictive behavioral-patterns, etc. to become embedded.

A Convergence is similar to a Nexus but with a concentrated form of soul-lessons. This has the effect of creating a distortion upon the physical body (anywhere) and manifests a weak-point. (This simply means that you have brought unfinished soul-lessons into this incarnation.) This young man also contained seventeen miasms from his emotional and astral layers.

What is a miasm? I see it as a “miniaturized you” created from this/current or past lifetime of which holds the mental and emotional ‘pain’ that was experienced in those lives. A miasm “stores” old negative patterns of beliefs, memories, and habits influencing the individual to ‘keep-repeating’ the same old pattern (soul-lesson) and hoping for a different result.

After the ‘resolution and closure’ of this young man’s knee-injury using etheric-surgery and elimination of the negative encapsulated energy-crystals, he is pain-free and in excellent shape today. There are many more stories and experiences that I would like to share with you, if just to while away the time as you journey upon your own sacred road.

What is a negative, encapsulated energy-crystal? Think of it as a computer chip which contains stored memories of pain-filled events from one’s past (including current) incarnations. These crystals will continue to “emit” the stored negative-memories with the same intensity as its inception. For the majority of us, it might be challenging to differentiate a negative condition that originated in one’s past or present life. These markers (energy-crystals) include genetic and ancestral memories. The Trans-Dimensional Alignment process will assist all negative-crystals to release and evolve/move-on to its next level. This includes all forms of negative habits, including beliefs.

In my estimation, Etheric Surgery is an exceptional healing modality. Best of all, it’s pain-free, since the etheric levels are where the extraction process occurs. My definition for etheric-surgery is “the extraction and removal of negative, encapsulated energy-crystals “stored” within the layers/levels of one’s aura.”

What is an Extraction process? This requires a focus into meditation, set an intent, enter into one’s heart-room and request that a healing crystal, gemstone, wand, and/or other object be available for etheric-extraction upon the self. The Heart is a spiritual storage-room where all of one’s physical, emotional, and mental needs are met, and the Convergence Nexus into one’s, past, present, and future.

What I am saying is Healing begins within the Heart. For anyone who is new to this information, I am speaking about a Quantum Healing modality. Today there are many gifted healers upon our beloved Mother Gaia. To experience an etheric healing is very fulfilling, as it was once upon a time, taught by esteemed teachers thousands of years ago in the Temples of Atlantis, Lemuria, Greece, and other places.

Another interesting healing modality is Soul-Retrieval. Yes, I can imagine how it sounds and one would ask “Oh no! Am I missing parts of my soul?” My answer is “yes.” To be continued here.

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