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The Ties That Bind

On a late spring morning, a young woman named *Bren drove her elderly mother to a healing session with me. Upon entering the room, I noticed Bren’s mom in a deep depression and apathy. Bren spoke very softly about her mother’s … Continue reading

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Broken Grass, Green Limbs

I suddenly heard loud weeping and in walked *Manni with the neighbor’s daughter, who began explaining that Manni had fallen off a swing and broken her left arm. As it was a clean break, the fracture healed quickly and in … Continue reading

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Etheric-Grid Restoration

As I gaze out upon this beautiful land of Oregon, I remember one of the most memorable and enjoyable sessions I had with a gifted Hawaiian storyteller. This is how the story begins…

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Color Me Red

It began on a warm and sunny afternoon. I was teaching a class on Chromo-therapy when I heard an urgent-sounding knock on the door. Upon opening the door, I was surprised to see *Donna who appeared to be having a … Continue reading

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