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The Anchor Pins of Murrieta

Over the years, I’ve experienced and gained many useful insights on the multiple ways that an individual brings “unfinished soul-lessons” into his or her current incarnation. Here is my own story about negative energy, karma, past-lives, and anchor-pins.

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The 500-Year-Old Fetus

It began as an ordinary day with a phone call from *Gema, a holistic nurse that I’d worked with nine-months ago, to assist her into a fuller blossoming of her spiritual transformation. Gema spoke about her ‘awakening process’ but “Since … Continue reading

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The Tale of the Missing Toe

It was a late summer afternoon when I received a call from *Layla. She hesitantly asked me if there is a possibility of re-growing a toe. Layla then began to describe how she’d lost it.

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The Possessed Liver

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