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The Ties That Bind

On a late spring morning, a young woman named *Bren drove her elderly mother to a healing session with me. Upon entering the room, I noticed Bren’s mom in a deep depression and apathy. Bren spoke very softly about her mother’s … Continue reading

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He Wore Two Faces

As the days dwindle down to falling leaves and pumpkin pies, let me tell you a fascinating story about a young man who had returned from “Desert Storm” with 56 uninvited negative “hitch-hikers.” I will call him *Jim. It began … Continue reading

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The Anchor Pins of Murrieta

Over the years, I’ve experienced and gained many useful insights on the multiple ways that an individual brings “unfinished soul-lessons” into his or her current incarnation. Here is my own story about negative energy, karma, past-lives, and anchor-pins.

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The Shadow Kingdom

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